About Us

Our Story

KITATAMA is more than an ordinary creative agency. Our approach is highly inclusive, from event specialist, creative productions to digital marketing solutions. 

But essentially, we are storytellers, big dreamers, digital hustlers, problem solvers, precise executioners, and everything in between. We take your brand stories, study your audience and deliver strategies that will accelerate your business growth. We strive to boost your brand engagement and awareness through the combination of our strategic planning and end-to-end management – offline, online and all around. 

We have worked with enough SMEs, corporate and government clients to know one thing : There is no one-size-fits-all formula. And in digital presence & brand growth, craft your own event, creative or marketing formula with us.


Highly Experienced

Kitatama has managed hundreds of online, offline, and hybrid events since it’s established in 2018. We’ve assisted SMEs, enterprises, and government clients and have been able to strategize, apply our creativity with exceptional project execution.. You need a team who not only knows what’s on the plan sheets but handles problem shootings on the spot like a pro – whether in an event, production and marketing in an all-scale industry.

Well Connected

With industry-knowledge in all event-related projects, creative productions, and marketing results, it helps to have someone with a wide-reaching network to unlock success beyond your expectations.

End-to-End Services

The complexity of an event, creative production, and marketing can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a 100% full-service solution, from beginning to end. With our integrated, streamlined end-to-end management, you can optimize your events and branding materials for all-in convenience and absolute efficiency.

Then, how do we define our end-to-end services?