SME has been one of the most flourished industries around the globe, including in Indonesia. The average number of SME is increasing every year. This is in line with the growth of tech-startups which appear to be the most progressive industry in the world right now. At Kitatama, we work to support the growth of tech SMEs.
Our approach is by providing services in brand experiences through tech seminar and conferences using the latest technology. We do not only offer you event management, but a live communication between your brand and its audiences. We seek information to understand your business and brand values to ensure your conference fits with your goals and designs.


At Kitatama, we focus to ensure your objectives are well received by your customers. We offer a fully integrated 360 marketing campaign, mixing elements online, offline, and mobile to deliver your brand messages. Going beyond marketing activities in the media, but also providing the right on-site activities for an ultimate brand experience.

Our marketing services include: 

  • Press and Media Relations 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Digital Communications
  • Social Media Campaign 
  • Customized Promotional Activity and Events